The Tarot Ship

Hi! I’m Jimmy. 

I help others reach their full potential in life through tarot. My readings bring insight, healing and positivity, and most importantly, allow you to move forward on your journey through this great, big world. 

And that’s the big takeaway: This world is great. 

But sometimes, we encounter indecisiveness, challenges and significant setbacks. 

That’s where I come in. Through a tarot card reading, I use a combination of deep intuition, some astrology and of course the cards to help you see a clear path — and gain confidence and insight to move forward. 

Whether it’s love, career, finances, family, relationships or personal matters, you don’t have to go it alone. Through my readings, my clients have been inspired, empowered and ultimately moved to shift their mindset in a more positive and powerful direction — and feel enlightened, renewed and ready for tomorrow.

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I’m sure you have a lot of questions, so please visit my FAQ page.

For testimonials, feel free to browse the comments in any of the zodiac signs on my YT channel, or you can click here. Note: Yelp hides reviews (not just me, but many other readers, who do bring it up often in the tarot community). You can click through my photos to see customer testimonials.

Also, a lot of people ask me about my accuracy. Not only can you peruse the testimonials (click the “Photos” section on Yelp), you can go to the “celebrity tarot readings” channel on my Youtube page. You will see that I have accurately predicted Johnny Depp winning the trial, Pete Davidson leaving SNL, Harry Styles releasing a new album and more.

**PLEASE NOTE: Bookings are full / closed until 2025. Thank you.