1. What exactly is tarot? 

In brief, tarot has been traced back to the late 14th century — and it’s endured centuries as a tool for divination. In the Victorian Era, these types of divination and spiritualism in general became a popular practice for wealthy families. Looking back, divination comes in many forms: palm readings, astrology, tea leaves, and if you really want to go there, seers were essential for Viking royalty back in the 9th to 11th century. 

Tarot is simply a type of divination that has become a lot more popular and widely used today. 

2. Why is your site called The Tarot Ship ? 

One of my favorite cards is the Six of Swords. The card indicates progress, traveling away from challenges and overcoming obstacles. Of course, the card has a deeper meaning, but I always like to see tarot as a positive path moving forward. 

3. What is your background? 

First, I have no qualms saying that I’ve always been fascinated with the metaphysical. Maybe it’s because, when I was younger, I was able to see and feel things others couldn’t. You could call it “psychic” or a “sixth sense” or a deeper connection to my intuition. In college, my “sixth sense” was so in tune, I would literally see things (aka: “psychic pops”). As an example, after college, I had a friend who had insecurity issues. One day, while we were having a drink, I had a “pop” of him working at an orange juice factory. It came out of nowhere. I told him about this specific vision, and he was shocked. He said that when he was young, his family didn’t have a lot of money, and he had to work at an orange juice factory when he was a kid (in Ireland), and he’s always been embarrassed of that. This helped him explore the root of his problem. Another example: back in the days when you could sublet your apartment in NYC, I had a subletter from Denmark take over my roommate’s room. My “psychic pop” was out of control, and I told him that he would be living in London soon. Of course, he was skeptical and thought I was a weirdo because he had absolutely no plans to move to London. Eventually, he went back to Denmark, and six months later, he wrote me out of the blue, telling me he got a job offer in London and he would be moving there. 

I eventually gave psychic readings, but I realized it was not my path, so I closed that part of my mind. It started opening up again the past few years, and tarot has been the tool I prefer for guidance. Ultimately, what I’m trying to say is that some people are born with a natural gift. Whether it’s an athlete, or a musician, or an astrophysicist, some people are just wired the way they are… and I’m wired with strong intuition and the ability to connect with people on a higher level. I didn’t realize I was an “empath” until later in life.

I also spent 6 years working for a world renowned astrologer. I know some of you might roll your eyes (haha), but astrology has been used by millions of people beginning with ancient civilizations (3rd millennium BCE, to be specific).

There’s truth behind astrology. There may be people who focus on its “horoscope” appeal rather than the math, science and astronomy behind it. Did you know sailors used zodiac constellations to navigate? That the Sphinx in Giza aligns directly under the Leo constellation (which was directly above at the time it was built)? Did you know Galileo was an astrologer? And Benjamin Franklin? While some people say he was anti-astrology, he was the one who told his colleagues to sign the Declaration of Independence on July 4 (not July 2, the actual day of the vote and when it was supposed to be signed) because the astrological alignment was far better on July 4. 

Anyway, my point is that there is much truth to tarot as there is astrology, and tarot and astrology are connected. Every tarot card is linked to an astrological alignment or ruling planet, and planets are dominant in the Kabbalistic tree of life — so a good, professional tarot reader should have basic knowledge of astrology. 

4. Why do you charge $495 for a 1-hour session? 

When I first started giving readings to friends (for free), they were detailed, in depth and hit so many marks that helped them solve personal problems, prepare for unexpected events and guided them toward the future.

Eventually, my friends would refer me to their friends, co-workers and family members. Some readings with people I didn’t even know lasted up to 2 hours, and I would never charge them money because the most important thing for me was providing them clarity and insight into their lives. The way that my friends have described my readings: I am not only offering divination, but each session is therapeutic and cathartic. I’ve been told I’m better than certified psychologists and therapists (but that’s for you to judge!). 

And that’s where I excel. I don’t just give readings. I give advice, guidance and actually spend time to listen to what’s happening in your life. When I personally received tarot card readings in the past, I would have sessions with readers only to feel that I was just another reading that day.

Now that I’m in the driver’s seat, I don’t want anyone leaving my sessions feeling that way. I want them to leave my readings feeling that it helped them gain valuable insight, answers, clarity and realigned them to who they are at their very core — and how they can move forward with gratitude, positivity and optimism.


Before the reading even begins, I do a 20-30 meditation on the client to tune into their energy field.

While I am not a “certified” astrologer, I’ve studied and worked with a well known and respected astrologer for 6 years. I incorporate astrology into my readings because tarot and astrology go hand in hand, and it’s important to know the client’s Zodiacal background.

I then begin my readings by offering clients a general overview of their birth chart. This is optional, but clients are overjoyed with this bonus. To get the birth chart, I need your exact time of birth, birthdate and place of birth. During the reading, I’ll walk you through key features of your chart and offer a brief astrological forecast /what to expect based on your time of reading, as well as the most important details for you based on your sun/rising sign. The birth chart overview is an added bonus other tarot card readers don’t offer. Best of all: I email you the chart to keep!

So, in actuality, I spend approximately three hours for your reading (1 1/2 hours to prepare in advance).

Lastly, I love tarot. I’m passionate about its history, divination and the storytelling. If you take a look at my Youtube Channel, you’ll see what I mean 🙂

An average tarot reading without the energy reading and birth chart analysis is about 35 minutes, which is bookable.

Note: In all readings, whether 1 hour or 20 minutes, I do not read for anyone else (ie: your ex).

5. What makes you so good at tarot? How can I trust you and expect a good experience? 

Aside from my intuition, guides and astrological background, I have something crucial: the ability to be a good listener, the ability to communicate exactly what the cards are telling you and, most of all, being able to identify what’s truly important in the spread.

For example: Should major aspects show up, I take my time to “go there” at the client’s comfort level. Also, some readers may gloss over minor aspects, but if my guides say “no, we need to spend time on this card/aspect,” I will ask the client appropriate questions and dig deep (again, at their comfort level), because quite often, the smallest thing can be the root of the problem — and that’s when something “clicks” with the client and offers the clarity they need. It’s amazing how “deep” you can go with tarot!

For testimonials, I would encourage you to read the comments in my YouTube videos.

Side note: I minored in psychology because I was always interested in people. 

Side note 2: My full time career helps. Yes, that’s right! I have a full time job that I love (all my Youtube videos, 12-14 hours a week spent, is a passion). I’ve been a journalist and PR director for over 20 years. Why does this matter? I spent over 20 years working with people on a daily basis, and as a writer, I had to interview hundreds of people. I was successful at it. You have to pick-up body language, connect with them in a natural way and understand them quickly. Most of all? You have to be a good listener.

6. What if I get bad cards in my reading? 

There are no “bad” cards, per se. Hollywood really drilled misconception in tarot. 

While it’s true some cards are better than others, ALL cards have an element of hope. Light and dark. It depends on where they fall in the spread. I actually like “bad” cards because it helps you understand what you may be lacking, fears you may want to overcome or mistakes you could be making — so you can work on having a positive outcome.

Tarot is guidance. It helps you navigate any challenges/ issues you’re currently having or even give you extra motivation for passions you’re pursuing. It’s giving you a full story of what’s happening in your life now, what you might expect, what you want to achieve, and how best to get there. 

Even if you don’t have any challenges in your life, I have regular clients who come to me for decision making, or just to get an idea of what they might want to put energy toward next. 

7. How long do readings last? 

1 hour reading: Typically 50 minutes to 1 hour. After the 1 hour mark, I have to wrap things up. 

There are shorter versions: 35 minutes, and 20 minutes, respectively.

8. Can I get a short reading? 

Yes, absolutely. I do have 35 minute sessions (no astro chart included) for $225. This is usually a Celtic cross spread, or we can do a spread based on the guidance you’re seeking (ie: relationship spread or choices spread).

I also now offer 20-minute recorded horoscope / tarot readings through Zoom for $185. This is a traditional Celtic Cross spread (or a choices spread, based on your preference). Note: With this option, there is no interaction with me. You provide your name and birthdate, what you’d like guidance on, and I do your spread after tapping into your energies. I will send you your recorded reading within 24 hours of booked time (not day of booking)!

9. Do you give discounts? 

I do! Listen, I was a broke young student once. I give students a special discount (need form of identification). You can email me directly.

I also have a referral program. If you refer 2 people, you get 50% off your next 2 reading (about 80% of my clients are regular clients). 

Unfortunately, I do not offer any other discounts and do not respond to emails asking for discounts. Thank you for understanding.

10. Any other questions? 

Please contact me at jimmy@thetarotship.com